To the Beach:


Last Thursday, most of us got to go the park –  Mama, Jairus and Bethany, who offered to watch Jairus stayed home. It’s not a sandy beach, but it’s really rocky, which sharp barnacles on rocks scattered all over. It’s a bit hazardous if you run – Lily got a cut on here hand from falling. 😥

Our family calls the park, the “Spiderweb Park”, because they have a “spiderweb” that you can climb on. 😉 They also have swings, and a playground, made to resemble a pirate ship. This park also has somewhat a field, and also a beach, and a couple tables.  

Daddy, Amy, Aaron, and I played frisbee while the rest of the children played on the swings. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee – I’m ok at catching it, but I have a bad throwing arm. 😥 On the other hand, Aaron has a great arm. It was fun, although the ground was somewhat slippery – I slipped while catching it. Oops. 😳

After swinging on the swings, and playing frisbee for awhile, we headed down to the beach.  We found tons of crabs, hermit crabs, starfish, some sort of eel things . . . I think it was a shrimp. We put them all in a bucket, and watched them walk, (and swim) all around. We also caught like 100 crabs, I’m not kidding, I’m serious. 😉 Someone brought a shovel which turned out to be really handy in digging up the clams. 😉 We didn’t eat them, but decided to put them into our bucket. The starfish was grabbing all of the crabs and clams, and made a huge tangled mess in one of the pails. 😆

We brought some hermit crabs home, and put them in salt water, but they didn’t survive very long. 😥 We threw them out today. 😉


One thought on “To the Beach:

  1. stefanie

    I had a lot of fun at the beach. When we caught the crabs I caught them by the handful! The herment crabs well we had a little bit of fun with them by they soon died and they stunck! “smelly”

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