To everyone out there:

Please, please, please VOTE either on, or BEFORE November 4th.

It’s going to be a really close election in the Washington Governor race, and the candidate you support will need YOUR vote to win.

Speaking of elections,

Amy and I were phone banking yesterday in support of Dino Rossi, and a handful of other Republican candidates – if you know me, I don’t really like talking on the telephone. 😉 But, after a few calls, it wasn’t bad. Guess how many calls I made from 2:00 – 7:30, with a couple breaks and a pizza meal?

I made about 217 calls, and Amy made somewhere around 100. My voice box is all worn out after all that talking. 😆 When you get there, you get a script for leaving messages, if they’re not home. Sometimes, three of us would be saying the exact same words on the script at the exact same time – that was hilarious.

But, getting back to the subject, whoever you support, whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, make sure that you vote!!!


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