Trip to Tacoma


Yesterday, Lily, Bethany, Mama and Dad went to Tacoma for a pre-op appointment for Lily (who will be having her tonsils out) they’re really large I guess, but we’re trying to keep it a secret because she might get scared. 😉

Bethany went because she had a regular check-up with her epilepsy doctor. 🙂

Thursday was really busy, because in the morning, we had piano lessons, and right after that, they took off for Tacoma.

I got to sleep in somewhat, start up school, and then take care of the little ones and make lunch. (I didn’t go to piano lessons this time) That afternoon, I worked on my Western Civilization CLEP studies, and did chores. It wasn’t an amazingly exciting day for me, I guess. 🙂

Mama said: “Lily Mei hopped all the way from one Doctor’s office to another office. She was disapointed that she didn’t get a sticker, so we’re going back next week to get a Cinderella sticker. The doctor was wearing a ketchup tie.”


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