Soccer at the Zone!


On Saturday night, some of us (Dad, Mama, Aaron, Noelle, Lily, and Jairus) decided to watch an indoor high-school soccer game at the Zone, (an indoor soccer stadium) while the four older girls stayed back and worked on making the invitations to the Tanaka Girl’s Recital. The game we watched was full of action – the home team was winning 5-3 with about four more minutes in the second half remaining, and the visiting team managed to come from behind and tie it. In this league, they don’t go into overtime, because other teams are lined up already.

Anyway, we were getting information about getting into one of the teams, when the captain of a team asked me if I could play for their team because they needed an extra guy. Of course, I was interested, and Dad and Mama said it would work out – the game was supposed to begin at 9:00, so we dropped the little ones off at home, changed clothes, and drove back.

The team, (Chivas) was playing against a team from Bainbridge Island. I haven’t played for a long time, so I was kind of rusty on my skills. I played midfielder, and our team won, 9-3! It was a whole lot of fun.


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