Seattle w/ the Guys


This past Saturday was definitely memorable.

My Mom and all of my sisters headed south to Tacoma for a Mother/Daughter Tea for nearly the entire day. Amy would be playing some background music, so they had to leave at 7:30 am. Of course the guys got up at the same time due to all of the noise they made, haha. We weren’t really sure what we were going to do – we had been doing a fair amount of work outside earlier in the week, and wanted to do something fun and memorable while the girls were gone.

Jairus and Aaron voted to take the ferry to Seattle and spend the day at the Pacific Science Center – we toyed with the idea of hiking Mt. Elinor, but it looked pretty cloudy from the kitchen window. At least the Science Center would be indoors. Since it was just the four of us, my Dad thought we’d save money by parking our car and walk on.

We almost didn’t make it.

Our refrigerator was completely barren – we decided to swing by Safeway on our way to the ferry to pick up some sandwich creation material. We almost never have hotdogs in our home, but since they were only $2 for an eight-pack, and $1 for the same number of buns, we went with hot dogs, and also picked up some bologna, hamburger buns, and a combination of horseradish, mayonnaise, and dijon mustard all mixed together in one bottle. The color wasn’t too pretty, but at least we didn’t have to purchase a whole lot of condiments. We really had to get moving, since our ferry was scheduled to leave in roughly five minutes. We hurriedly paid for the food, dashed into the van, and sped (well … not really) toward the ferry terminal. We had literally one minute. To make matters worse, the parking fees had risen by a dollar since our last visit, and we only had a ten-dollar bill. Fortunately, I brought along my wallet, so we dumped the coins I had and counted an even dollar.

With the parking fee paid, we all sprinted off down an enclosed ramp to get onto the ferry. It didn’t look too good. The entire ramp, probably stretching somewhere around a quarter-mile, was completely deserted. To our great relief, we were still able to get onto the ferry – literally thirty seconds later, the ferry pulled away from the dock.


The rest of the day went by super-well. We got to tour a few of the Science Museum’s new exhibits, tour the butterfly garden, and watch a laser show. I think Jairus had a blast, even though it was obvious that he was exhausted. Spending time with the guys, getting his own A&W root beer and bologna sandwich was a special treat.

The ladies had a great time at the tea party – Amy even won a prize for her drawing of my Mom and Dad. Not surprisingly, the conversation around the dinner table that evening was quite animated. Everyone had so many stories to tell.

Aaron – early morning ferry ride w/ a hot dog breakfast

Beautiful fall colors in Seattle. Walking back to the ferry terminal

Haha, more walking.

Aaron – outside the Science Museum in front of the Space Needle.

Crosswalk with the Space Needle in the Background.

Jai-Jai. 🙂

Aaron inside a sculpture near the Science Museum

A&W root beer w/ bologna sandwiches for lunch. x)

He loved his sandwich.

Jai Jai having a blast with the water blasters, fountains, and this crank


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