Almost Together Again


Dad and Mama are finally back home. We managed to survive about a week-and-a-half without parental supervision, and I’m proud to report that the house is still standing and is still … *ahem* fairly clean.

All in all, it went way better than what I anticipated. God was truly allowing Stefanie and I to work together well and manage to hold everything together.

I wish I could drive. It would’ve made the stay at home so much easier. We nearly ran out of food, and felt like we were put in a sardine can … it was good to go to the post office the other day. Beautiful fall colors.

Amy is still in Chicago with our grandparents … they unfortunately don’t have internet, but we were able to talk with her before dinner, which was nice. She sounds like she’s having a great time, but a little lonely. I guess that happens when you’re all alone for the first time in your life. At least she’s with out grandparents – I’m sure that helps somewhat.

This afternoon, we all got to see Kristi, Aaron, and Noelle play at a masterclass in Kingston – they all did extremely well and totally blew away the other performers in my opinion. Kristi accompanied Aaron and Noelle on the piano.

This evening, we got to see pics from Mama’s time in NC and Chicago … she’s really excited about her netbook. 🙂

Alrighty, slightly boring post, I know – I’m a little tired. Ok, maybe a lot tired. That didn’t make sense. I just realized that I get an extra hour of sleep (!!) Heading to bed. G’night.


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