Chilly Mornings @ Fishline


My first week working at North Kitsap Fishline, a local food bank/thrift shop based in downtown Poulsbo, went extremely well. I was somewhat nervous learning how to do certain tasks on my first day … there was a ton of information thrown at us during orientation, but I think I’m getting used to how they operate. The one thing that still has me befuddled is remembering names. Names are so ridiculously tough to keep track of – maybe I should suggest that we all wear name tags or something. I am proud to say that I now have a few people’s names linked to their faces, but it seems as though every day I work at Fishline, there are new people to meet … and more names to remember.

Biking to Fishline was plenty cold this morning, although I was finally able to find my winter coat buried amongst a pile of clothes that probably ought to be brought back out again. For the past few times I’ve helped out at Fishline, I used a hoodie, which is fine for a walk outside, but doesn’t quite protect against the frigid air outside which is only intensified when you’re biking. It sure is feeling like winter in Poulsbo! My sibs just said a few flakes were falling outside … I hope if it does snow that it holds off until after Thanksgiving, because my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins need to make it over the Snoqualmie Pass. I made it to downtown Poulsbo extra-early and was able to see a plane equipped with pontoons take off from the water – never seen that before.

Anyway, the morning shift went super-well. We went through all of the vegetables in about an hour, and stocked all of the shelves by about 10:30-ish. There are always at least 5-6 boxes filled with vegetables randomness that we need to sort through … some of the food at the bottom of these boxes are pretty nasty. Most of the time, though, we are able to salvage a significant amount of vegetables and fruits. We then organize them into boxes and crates and cart them out into the mini grocery store in the front.

Since I just started working there, I act as a handyman, doing anything that anyone needs. I’m, by far, the youngest person that volunteers there, but there was another teenage guy that was doing orientation/training this morning …

I finished working at around 12:30 – throughout the morning, we receive boxes of food from different stores around Poulsbo (Starbucks, Walmart, Albertsons, etc.) around lunchtime, there aren’t a whole lot of incoming boxes and the grocery store is relatively quiet.  I work Monday and Tuesday mornings, but I think I might drop by Wednesday as well, since I’m sure there’ll be a ton of people wanting Thanksgiving baskets. 🙂


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