It’s beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTmas!


All we need now is a bit of snow … it’s plenty cold enough.

We got our Christmas tree  just a few days ago – last year, we (it was mainly my Mom and Stefanie) opted to go with a blue spruce. This year, it was back to our customary tall and wide tree. Usually, we have a horrible time trying to get consensus on the “perfect tree” – we all stayed together this year instead of running in random directions and actually found a tree in record time.

The kids normally fan out, find a “perfect tree” and yell for the others to find them and their tree. I actually found this year’s tree – it’s not a perfect tree by any means, but it’s plenty tall (9-10 feet tall?) and decently wide with lots of branches. I don’t remember when this started, but we’ve always played the game “find the ornament,” where one person hides an ornament and then everyone has to go find it. Simple, I know, but it was so much fun when we were little. We’d also spend hours telling stories using the nativity set. Since those years, all of the hay that was included in the original set is no more and all of the paint rubbed off of the figures, haha.  It’s cute to see the younger ones telling wildly hilarious stories – similar to the ones we used to tell.


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