An Afternoon in Poulsbo


Just a few pictures I took a few days ago while biking around Poulsbo … the camera was malfunctioning terribly – I spent around 30 minutes trying to capture these vibrant red berries, and it wouldn’t really focus. Aargh. I’m decently pleased with these other shots, so it wasn’t a wasted effort.

An empty lot up for sale – the sun was just beginning to set when I arrived.

Kitsap Memorial State Park – I got there too late … I was hoping for a clear picture of the sunset, but it was fairly cloudy when I arrived.

Big Valley Road – yup.

That same lot … sorry, some of the pics are out of order.

Walmart, haha. It was incredibly busy – everyone was prepping for Christmas day I guess.

Random house, sweet driveway

I think this is Equestrian Road …


Solitary pinecone

I like this shot a lot – taken just below Big5, OfficeMax …

Telephone lines ‘n poles

A vintage-y shot of Kitsap Memorial State Park


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