Adios 2011!


Well, none of us managed to stay up the entire night.

Amy, Stefanie, my Dad and I were watching movies and talking until 2:30 am, but we all were too tired to stay up any longer.

Lily had a fun time last night – she says, “we watched Iron Chef America – they have to make one dish and the tasters have to taste it. And if they don’t like it, they have to get them out.”

Favorite Memories of 2011:

Noelle:  I liked our trip to California and visiting relatives – I got to go to the beach, make jewelry, and meeting new people.”

Kristi: “Going to Cape Disappointment and seeing the sunset there – it was really pretty. Annnd … that’s it!”

Bethany: “I enjoyed our camping trip – I liked playing in the ocean, and riding the surreys, yeah, riding the surreys. What else did we do? I guess that’s basically it for now.”

Aaron: “I liked our California trip – ::sneezes:: because we got to visit relatives. We went to Cousin Arthur and Frances’s house. We ate spam fried rice and it was very good.”

Stefanie: “Maybe visiting Uncle Lefty and Auntie Sue. It was fun just because there was perfect weather, it was the perfect house … it was really relaxing. And they’re very nice too.”

Jairus: “Play army with Jonathan”


Happy 2012, everyone! May God continue to bless you and your family in this new year!


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