Special Times with Special People


In just a little over a week, I’ll be heading out to North Carolina for six months to participate in an internship there. It’s going to be my first time leaving the house and the fam for an extended period of time. Sad stuff. Our family is incredibly close, which makes the separation hurt even more.

Before I left, I wanted to spend some “special time” with each of my siblings. This usually entails grabbing something to eat at a fast food joint and sipping something hot at Starbucks, talking, and then heading out the Chuck E Cheese’s or sometimes the mall.

These times are nice because I get to hang out and talk just with that person. It’s not that often that you get some quality time with just one individual in my family. I know leaving them for a few months will be tough, but I’m thankful for technology. We’ll keep in touch, just not as close as we’re used to, I guess.

Do you do similar things with your siblings?

Special time with Amy: We ate at Arby’s for lunch, walked around at the local mall, and read books at Barnes & Noble

Special Time with Lily: We went bowling, ate pop tarts, and went shopping at Goodwill and found a new sweater!


2 thoughts on “Special Times with Special People

  1. Sweet! I remember the day when I was leaving to work abroad and really took the time to date each of them…and I have four siblings! Such a fun time. I can see you had a great time spending time with loved ones too. Thanks for sharing this.

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