I Miss These People


(L-R) Front: Lily, Mama, Dad, Jairus, and Noelle
Back: Aaron, Stefanie, Bethany, Me, Amy, and Kristi (December 2011)

I really, reaaallly, reeeallly miss my family. ::sniff::


11 thoughts on “I Miss These People

  1. Amy

    Great “talking” with you tonight, Jonathan! Even though you made me cry with your kind words of affirmation! 🙂 So good to have you (sort of) as a part of our party – just finished an “OK” movie tonight, but it was fun being all together (well, except for the younger three and you). We had a grand day today and God even provided a slice of sunshine in the midst of cold and heavy rain. Still wearing our winter coats, but at least we’ve stopped making fires to warm up. Remember there’s still one empty seat at our dinner table waiting just for you!! Love you much, Jonathan! Love, Mama

  2. Rich

    Jonathan, you know that I don’t spend much time on this computer. I really enjoyed reading about some of your updates except Andrews accident. It so much reminded me of my incident with the chainsaw. I am glad to hear that Andrew is recovering well. We’ve been praying for Andrew. Have him take it easy as the first 1-2 weeks are the most critical in proper healing especially the caritlage of the nose. We really missed you at Mama and Stefanie’s party. Salmon and shrimp on the BBQ, tofu salad, rice pelaf sp?, mango salsa, manju, Yummy 🙂 Today , Sunday, Yi Family came to church again- John came. I really enjoy talking with him. After church we visited Grandma Norma in the nursing home. We talked with her. She is at peace with dying. That is a change. Just before our trip to Chicago she asked for prayers. She felt that she was dying and did not have much time left. At that time she did not seem certain of her salvation. Her faith did not seem to rest on Jesus’ blood ont he cross as payment for her sins. Sometime within the last month- she must have surrendered her life to Jesus. Praise the Lord! It was a happy time- talking, singing a few Hymms, praying for her. I am sure that she must get lonely there. Our church will be fasting during the month of July for Mrs. Reich. Each family to determine length of the fast. Doctors said that there is nothing else that they can do. What a great opportunity for us to stretch our faith. Please keep her in your prayers. Tell Micah I enjoyed talking with him and hope to meet of the interns. Maybe we will attend “White for Harvest” conference. I am sure you will be busy as ever. Maybe I can attend a Medical CME conference there. I just thought of that. I’ll talk with Mama and check what is there. When would be a good time- if there is one? Thinking about how busy you are- around the conference may be the worst time. Amy is taking the driving test this Thursday, that evening after work Mama and I will be staying overnight and then going to Seattle for the day and going to Les Miserable that night. Looking forward time away with Mama. Well I hope I don’t lose this one. Have a great week. Love, Dad

    • Wow, thanks for the long comment! It was good talking with you yesterday …

      Yup, I told someone about your chainsaw accident – he had a similar thing happen to him, but it thankfully didn’t cut him at all – just tore up right above his chaps and his pants, I believe.

      That’s great! I talked to Noelle about it over lunch – maybe if you go again, they can play their violins.

      That’d be sweet if you could do the CME and NCFIC conferences. I’d probably be free on the weekends or I miight have some time in the evenings after everything is over. Not too sure quite yet as I’m not sure what to expect.

      Fantastic. I know she’ll ace it – it’ll be great to have another driver in the fam.

      Yeah, it sounds like a ton of fun! You’ll have to take a lot of pictures and such during your mini-getaway. Are you going to the Space Needle?

      Talk to you soon – love ya. 🙂

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