Spider Scare


So. I was reading through our assigned reading for the week, when out of the corner of my eye, I see this gigantic spider walk past my hand (I was lying on my bed) and scoot under MY PILLOW.

He (or she) was sitting there, just daring me to try to kill him. I knew that if I missed, I couldn’t sleep at all tonight. I picked up my frisbee and gave him a calculated, powerful blow to the head.

For a second, I thought I lost him, and I almost …

… the good news is that I found him, curled up, dead.


Take that you mean spider. Let that be a lesson to you and your grandchildren.

Final Score:

Jonathan – Alive + heart still racing at 300 beats per second

Spider – Dead with heart beating at no beats per second.


6 thoughts on “Spider Scare

  1. Grandma Mary

    Okay Jonathan. How can you tell if the spider is a boy or girl? I am glad you killed it or you would have had a sleepless night. Love you! Thanks for sharing.

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