It’s Tomorrow


Well folks,

I think I have completed by book report for the most part. Roughly 140 pages were read (skimmed in some places)  and the book report was hammered out as my head fought to stay one step ahead of my fingers on the laptop. We had a great evening at the Litardo home … Colton and Micah went to bed about an hour ago. They’re going to wake up at 5 AM and start and finish their book reports then.

G’night. Or I mean … good morning. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “It’s Tomorrow

  1. Amy

    Hey, Jonathan — good for you for finishing the book report! You’re doing a good job balancing all of your responsibilities and are a good example to me in this area. Are you allowed to share any of the things you’re written? I know I’d like to read them and I’m sure your other blog readers would too.

    • oh haha, maybe. I need to refine my book report-writing technique. I forgot how to write one, so I’m kind of doing the best I can … 😛

      Sorry I didn’t call home today! I’ll see if I can squeeze in some time tomorrow. 😉

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