Happy Days


So, there’s a lot to be happy about lately:

1) My li’l bro, TOBY, turned 6 today! I was able to skype them for about an hour over at the local coffee shop this afternoon. He got lots of cards, glue sticks, stickers, rice krispee treats, and a bright red bike. They’re heading over to a local park and then eat a special, birthday dinner.

2) My parents are coming to the White Unto Harvest conference this October! Stoked. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay yay.

3) Marvin is coming TOMORROW. Wow. Our intern class will radically different … starting in just a few hours.

4) The Civil War tour starts in two days and we are going. Bags are getting packed, camera is charging … over-packing as usual.

5) Had my StandOut call with Mr. Dewing yesterday … lots of good discussion there.

So yup, happy days are happening.ย 

Some random pictures from the past week/month/etc. be found below:

dinner with the Browns and Hopkins

Mr. David Brown’s son, William, peeking over Mr. Scott Brown’s shoulder

Fixing the fence: Andrew, Ryan, and Micah

the Maxon moving crew.

the moving truck – we got it emptied in about 25-30 minutes.

clouds overhead as we worked on the Brown’s fence

Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Brown

Mac and Mr. Brown

Micah David Hopkins

Levi and I

I look tired.

Gran Mary and Me



after his frisbee team lost.


the dinner table!

the ceiling

different view

I guess I took a lot of pictures of the table …



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