Just a Few Thoughts


Well, it’s already pitch-black here in Port Orchard, Washington. I spent the day with my Dad.  Every Tuesday night, we have a Men’s Bible study where we discuss the upcoming sermon – this evcening, we will be also discussing a book that they started while I was gone, which is entitled “Family Shepherds,” by Voddie Baucham.

Rain fell intermittently throughout the day – typical Washington weather. It’s going to take awhile to get used to this cold, crisp weather. I’ve been bundling up like an Eskimo since I’ve returned to my hometown last Friday.

Jairus (Toby), my li’l bro, moved downstairs into the room that Aaron and I shared so now it’s all three guys in one room. They claimed the bunk and I’m sleeping on a single mattress now. During the internship, Micah and Colton kept fans going on full speed throughout the night. The past few nights have seemed so quiet – I haven’t slept very well because of random sounds and snoring. The first week with the fans was tough as I thought it was way too noisy and couldn’t fall asleep, but being around them for seven months will change that, I guess.

Kristi made me a whole plate of peppermint bark – yesss. My favorite.

My Dad and Kristi are taking an oil painting class and wow, they both are really talented. I’ll see if I can upload pictures of their paintings sometime soon.

Speaking of talent, my family has picked up a bunch of new instruments while I was gone. There are people now playing the viola, cello, harp, and guitar. We played some Christmas music together and it sounded great (except for my really poor piano playing).

So, everyone in my family now knows how to swim really really well, and I’d drown in a rain puddle. I think I’m starting lessons next month.

Unpacking. Takes. Time. I spent all day yesterday working on cleaning our room and unpacking, and it’s still not done. *sigh*

I love my family. ‘Nuff said.


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