My Sister is Famous


In the local newspaper! #woohoo

Amy Tanaka = Famous

Amy Tanaka = Famous


3 thoughts on “My Sister is Famous

  1. Amy

    Thanks, Jonathan! Camille took the picture of us three outside Westside. It was a great project and very rewarding. Of course, we are also relieved that it went well and that it is over. 🙂 Thank you again for tuning in!

  2. Dad

    Glad you were able to view it. Nice to have some of the Houston family there. I was amazed at all that went into this- so many helpers and Mom and I had to do so little. This brought so many people from so many churches and communities. Truly uplifting. Had a great time at the Heinz’s afterward. Almost became “BFF” (best-friends-forever- needed to stay past midnight- made it to 11:25 pm) I will truly miss them when they leave – they are such good friends. Maybe we can all get together for the NCFIC conferences once a year 🙂 Love, yah Dad

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