Last Day of Normality …


Well, tomorrow marks the first day of classes at Liberty Law School.

There’s certainly a lot of uncertainty and anxiety which one would expect when starting something new. Obviously, law school as far as academics go, will be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. Everyone here seems to be a type-A personality and really “with it.” Me … well, I’m certainly trying my best but there’s a lot of knowledge that will have to be gained before I’m anywhere near my fellow classmates. It’s weird to think that this is a 3-year investment. There’s no turning back at this point, I’m in this for the long haul.

I’ll probably be putting in a few hours of study later this evening and then about an hour-and-a-half before classes begin – I just hope I prepped enough. Once the first day is over, it doesn’t stop – I have three classes everyday (3 hours) and they say that for every hour of class, you should expect at minimum, 3 hours of homework and reading outside of class. So there’s an easy 12 hours right there.

Anyway … I’ve done what I could. Yesterday, I spent much of the day studying until I couldn’t take in anymore and my vision was glazing over. I was quite happy that I managed to find a nice pair of much-needed charcoal-colored slacks at Goodwill for $3.75 (I had been resorting to wearing the same pair of khakis every day last week during orientation week). I thought I had a sizable surplus of clothes, but I was evidently wrong.
All of the slacks are $3.75 and the shirts are the same pricing, I believe. I’ve been to many different Goodwills across the US, and this pricing scheme is my favorite.

For those of you that are interested, food has not been anywhere close to noteworthy (and it may never be), but I’m quite satisfied. Cold cut sandwiches and rice/bratwurst concoctions have been my go-to meals so far (and cups of coffee mixed in). I think best on an empty stomach so I honestly haven’t been a good breakfast boy as I’d rather be alert than fall asleep in class. I’m thinking a fruit/vegetable smoothie or a few eggs might be my best bet later down the road but that’s where I’ve been. I just bought a box of good ol’ Top Ramen. They have a fridge in the law school cafeteria, so I’ll probably buy a bag of frozen vegetables to act as a supplement. I might even skip the broth and make a vegetable stir-fry. It’s funny how much water one drinks while in law school. It must be the fuel for brain power.

I haven’t been able to workout once since arriving in Virginia, and hopefully that will change. I’m thinking it’ll be good to use a workout session to break up the study periods. The student center (weights, indoor track/soccer field, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, etc.) is next to the law school, so that’ll probably be go-to option.

My little Dodge Stratus has been running quite well except for a few hiccups here and there and my parking sticker just arrived … speaking of which, if you’re ever late (or even on-time), parking is quite the headache. One morning, I felt like I drove around a half-hour before I found a spot quite a ways from the school. I’m a morning person by nature, so my plan is simply to arrive early to school every morning, get a great parking spot, avoid the hassle of having to drive around, and get some work pounded out while it’s quiet. #win

I just visited New Hope Baptist Church this morning after finding it on the NCFIC network. Got to talk with a few of the men there … I’ll tell you more about it if you’re interested.

Well, that’s pretty much it. It’s been quite hard settling in at times just because I don’t know a single person here … but I am thankful for a supportive family, great friends, and a God who is sovereign over everything.

In the midst of times of uncertainty and yeah, extreme nervousness and anxiety (!), He is in control. He is here in Virginia, even though I’m far from everything I’m familiar with.

There’s a lot of peace in that.

– JT


3 thoughts on “Last Day of Normality …

  1. Lori Tanaka

    I can almost see those muscles of faith stretching and I praise God for the work He’s doing in your life, Jonathan. We are all so proud of you and excited that you’re finally beginning what you’ve aimed for for so long. Remember that you’ve always got 10 people who love you and are pulling for you. Thanks for such a thorough update, which helps us feel more connected with you.


  2. Kristi

    Thank you for the long update! I can’t even being there not knowing anyone or the routine of law school but I’m very encouraged that God is giving you peace through this. I hope you have a great day! Keep loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

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