First Week Reflections


It’s hard to believe the first week of law school is over! I’ve read and heard countless “horror stories” about the first week, so even though orientation went very well, I was inwardly bracing myself for a week without any sleep and having to dump out multiple buckets of tears. I certainly won’t say it was easy (because it wasn’t), but praise God, I survived and feel rested and ready to tackle the second week beginning early tomorrow morning.

So, the first week was an emotional roller coaster of sorts. With all of the reading and writing you have to do, there was a point mid-week where I felt like giving up and was questioning why I was even here. You go through a class struggling to understand concepts that everyone else seems to be picking up very easily and then it’s the hours and hours of homework … reading through cases, briefing cases, looking up unfamiliar vocabulary, battling fatigue and blurry eyes, missing family and friends … it’s tough! Everything is so new and unfamiliar.

Then I got to thinking about everything that had happened in the past that had made me being here at Liberty Law School even possible and all of the prayer, counsel, and thinking that had been done. And then I remembered why I was even in law school in the first place – it is serving a necessary  stepping stone to attain the ultimate goal of being able to serve, defend, and protect the rights of Christians.

And honestly, with a family who sends you pictures, cards, COOKIES, and countless emails every day … how could you be down? I am blessed to have a terrific, supporting family back home. A lot of people don’t get to enjoy that privilege but I do. I still feel lonely quite often, but Google Hangouts and phone calls are amazing things, folks. True, they aren’t as good as actual face-to-face conversations, but they do help to alleviate the loneliness. Family and great friends have been definitely been something I’m thankful for this first week. I’m definitely feeling more settled in and looking forward to another week of classes.

So … as a guy transitioning back to living alone again, you’d expect there to be some mishaps along the way – here are two (so far!):

– Trying to steam iron your pants while you’re wearing them because you were in a hurry (blister, ouch).

– Putting rice in the cooker and a pot pie in the steamer section on top and waiting, waiting, and waiting for it to cook … and then you realize you never hit the “cook” button and it’s been sitting on the “warm” function this whole time.

Here are a few pictures to close out the post – sorry, it looks as though a lot of the pictures are awfully small.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “First Week Reflections

  1. Amy

    I am really glad that you are blogging more frequently, Jonathan! It’s great to hear about the week in written form… just a different perspective from phone calls, etc. And it will be nice to look back at too. I like all of the photos and I can see “your touch” in all of them. Lots of familiar icons. 😛

    Keep it up and thanks for being A+ for keeping in touch!


  2. Stefanie

    Hi, Jonathan. Writing this on my new computer! Thank you for the update. I’m sorry about your blister. 😦 Hopefully, it will heel up soon. As for the rice, I do that all of the time, but worse. I forget to cook the rice all together. 🙂
    I love you and miss you. Use this time of loneliness and weakness to pursue after your God more than ever.

  3. Lori

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Jonathan! I look forward to reading your posts, as you express yourself so well in words. Much that is unseen is being forged as you faithfully plod through each class, each day. God is doing a great work in your life and you are right in the center of His will for your life at this time. Take comfort and receive peace in His sovereignty. Isaiah 26:3

    Love you,

  4. Haha! You’re mishaps are so hilarious! Those chips look interesting. Do they taste good?

    Even though law school is so hard, I see you trusting in God to help you through it which is so great and encouraging.

    Hope you have another great week of law school! Will be praying for a good church for you and also for all your school. 🙂

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