Law School: After Three Weeks


Well, week four of law school is coming up quick with the highlight being our mock client interviews on Tuesday. This is essentially an exercise to see how well you can interact with a client and pull out key facts from their “story” during the meeting, ensuring that you hit all of the necessary requirements like scheduling a follow-up meeting, discussing payment, etc. It should be good, it’s just the fact you have no idea what to expect that makes it difficult going in – that and the fact that it’s worth nearly half of your total grade for this class. Anytime I get dressed up in a suit I get nervous. I am given various state statutes and laws and a general idea of the overall scenario, but I have no idea what my client’s story will be.  

My other classes have been progressing well – I can’t believe our midterm exams are at the end of this month! Time sure does fly by when you’re busy. I’m still a day ahead as far as assignments go, which works out well for me. It gives you the flexibility to devote extra time to a certain subject(s) if it’s particularly hard or if there’s unexpected additional work. It’s weird how you get through a reading and really struggle with it and then, when you come back to it when you’re reviewing and inputting your notes into your outlines, they suddenly click and make sense. I guess that’s a sign that you’re learning something!

Even though I’m about as far as you can get from Poulsbo, Washington, I’m thankful that I’m able to talk with my family every day of the week … sure, weekdays are only 18-minute conversations on the drive back home, but I’ll take it! Friday night, I received another package from my family! This time, it had some cookies made by Noelle, sandwich bread made by Stefanie, PB cup trail mix, beef jerky, and other goodies from my Mom, and some khaki pants. We did a Google Hangout so they could all watch me open the box … I’m liking Hangouts a lot more than Skype – it’s just a lot easier, a better interface, not to mention it’s free. 

 Oh, so last week, I checked out some of the trails around the Liberty campus – there’s a trail that starts at their “Snowflex Center” (they have an artificial snow surface so you can ski and snowboard year-round). I started there and hiked all the way out to Camp Hydaway, which is owned by the on-campus church, I believe. There’s a small lake, many more trails, and a picnic shelter there. From there, I took a main road/trail back as I honestly was not sure if I could make it back. The trail I began on forks so many times I lost count and basically just attempted to go “straight” every time it forked or tri-forked. I think it was close to a 4-mile hike … and I did it all in flip-flops. It was a hot and humid day and I wasn’t initially planning on hiking that far, but it was all good. I only stubbed my toe twice on a rock or root, I don’t remember. 

I finally got around to cleaning out my car Friday evening. There was a bunch of mess, coins, gum, pine needles, etc. from our trip from Texas to North Carolina, I guess. On the drive up to NC, I tore the “fabric” on the ceiling (accidentally, not purposefully!) and it essentially just shredded all the way through, the interior looked horrible, with all of this hanging fabric … so, on Friday I just tore everything out. There’s still a padding on top, so it’s not just metal … maybe someday I’ll replace it, but for now, I’m not too worried about it. There’s more important things in life than having a nice-looking interior. I would’ve stuck with that Chevy Impala if I cared that much about looks – that was definitely a nice-looking car! 

I feel like I need to get back on a workout routine as I haven’t been able to do much of anything since I’ve arrived. I’ve been keeping tabs on Craigslist ads for dumbbells, bikes, and electric keyboards. I really do miss just playing on the piano … I’ll be getting my guitar back in November, so perhaps that’ll help.

Alrighty, to close out the post, here’s some pictures from this past week:



One thought on “Law School: After Three Weeks

  1. Kristi

    Thanks for the post! A long one too! I’m glad you made it back. You could of easily gotten lost by all those forks in the road. Thanks for the pictures too! Liberty looks like such a nice campus! 🙂 That would be nice to play around on the piano. Because when I’m studying really hard or something I like to play on the piano. I really hope your interview goes well. I pray that you’ll have peace about it. I know that any type of interview are really nerve racking. Thanks for the update! Glad you enjoyed your package! 🙂

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