Coming Up on One Month …


The title is actually somewhat misleading – I realize that my first month of classes was completed last Friday, and I’m starting a new month Monday!

Well, another week has come and gone … which means next Friday are the midterm exams! Fortunately/unfortunately, these are only worth 5% of your total grade, so if you did horrible, it’s not going to dent your grade too much, but if you do well … you’ll be wishing it was worth more. I really need to work on memorizing as there’s honestly is a lot of information to digest. As you might be tested on the same material later on for the final exam, you can’t exactly just cram one day, spit it out the next, and forget about it. Anyway, that’s what’s going to be on my mind for the next couple of days … pray that I’d be even more efficient with my time and be able to get everything I need to get done, done. 

So … the client interviews! Mine went quite well. We weren’t given much information about them (one page of background material/cases/statutes and watching the professor do it once) which scared me as I’m the kind of guy who likes to have everything planned out and understood before starting something completely foreign. Well, I didn’t get that chance, but I did meet with my professor a few days before and I’m glad I did – I was preparing my questions in a completely wrong way. 

Anyhow, Tuesday afternoon eventually rolled around. I was thinking about my interview throughout all three classes and couldn’t really concentrate on my homework leading up to it. I had brought in a chilled water bottle and a box of Kleenex for the patient as the scenario was essentially a drunk driving incident where the wife’s (whom we would be interviewing) husband had died. In order to accommodate all of our interviews over three days, they would have six of us going at one time, with each having their own “Mrs. White” to interview. If you know me, if I’m nervous about something, I can’t focus on anything else and either pace or stare aimlessly. Well, that was me. I couldn’t study so I picked up my notebook, papers, water bottle, and Kleenex and walked over to the cafeteria … and sat. Then I moved over to a couch in one of the halls and sat some more … checking my watch every five seconds. 

Finally, it was time to head over to the interview rooms. We were allowed to bring any props with us into the interview – one of my classmates brought brownies! Whoa – already, I was feeling intimidated. Once we went over the basics of how to turn the video recorder on and were assigned to a room, our clients started walking in. Our professor would point out a specific person and say, “Okay, that’s your client – begin whenever you’re ready.”

When my client walked in, I introduced myself and started the interview. I should have practiced more on my introduction as I felt that was the worst part of the entire interview. I knew that her husband had “died,” so I was going on that for awhile, ran out of stuff to say, realized that I wasn’t letting her talk, and awkwardly made the transition into the interview. Oh well, it was over in about 30 seconds, but it felt like minutes. Basically, I was trying to make her feel comfortable, but probably ended up making her feel more sad than necessary.

The rest of the interview went smoothly enough except for a few awkward pauses on my part. It was supposed to last 45 minutes and at the 15-minute mark, I realized that I ran out of questions. Fortunately, I asked a question (forgot what it was), and was able to keep everything rolling. 

Perhaps the toughest part were the times she started crying. Other than saying, “I’m sorry” and pushing the tissues in her direction, what do you say? I didn’t want to say something as I thought I’d probably just say something that would make it worse and just tried to be as comforting as possible without saying a word. I don’t know how effective it was, but in time, she stopped, and I was able to continue. 

Once the interview was complete, we were given the video if we brought along a flash drive, so I have mine … I’ll probably laugh at it after law school. Overall, I felt it went well, but I won’t know how well I did until I get my grades back … which will be awhile. 

The rest of the week wrapped up uneventfully. I spent yesterday morning at a local coffee shop that I think will be a nice Saturday morning tradition and spent the rest of the afternoon at the law school. Liberty had a football game last evening – there was a bunch of people and cars. The campus was packed! Maybe one day I’ll be able to make it to one … there’s a free tailgate party where the hand out free burgers beforehand. 😀

Today, I went to Forest Baptist Church – the elders are sharing the preaching duties for a time until their main pastor finishes preparing for a new series. The sermon was on Isaiah 53 – good sermon to chew on before communion. The weather here is cloudy and cool which is surprising but welcomed. I feel like I’m home in Washington State. I feel like going for a hike this afternoon … anyone want to join me?


3 thoughts on “Coming Up on One Month …

  1. My computer was down for several days. It was great to read what you’ve been doing. Who was more nervous you or the lady you interviewed? And I think you did great! Keep sending more info as I’ll be interested. Auntie Mary & I are fine. Will go to an Apple Orchard this Friday. Take care.
    Auntie Jane

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