Whoa, September Is Nearly Over …


Wow, I know I’ve said this multiple times, but this year has flown by – I can’t believe September is nearly over and then … it’s October? Yikes.

Well, as my last post mentioned, midterms went better than expected – I still don’t know my grades yet – actually, I don’t know when I’ll know. I heard it could be a couple of weeks. It’s a big difference from the CLEP exams that I took … instant grades immediately after completing the exam.

A few of my classmates have asked me how it’s been being in a classroom setting for really, the first time. Because I was homeschooled throughout high school and did college online simultaneously, I never have been in a classroom for an extended period of time except for two classes at the community college. It really hasn’t been that hard of an adjustment, honestly. I don’t even think about it unless asks me about it directly.

I do enjoy having other classmates who are in the same class as I am. During my undergrad studies, it was just Amy (my sister) and I pounding through the CLEP exams. When we took on the upper-level online college courses, we did have classmates, but the only communication we had was via online discussion forums where we would comment/critique each other’s work. 

Here, I have over 40 fellow students in my section and over 80 students total in this incoming class. There’s plenty of people to bounce ideas off of, to study with, etc. I’m the kind of individual who enjoys to be in a group environment … working in a cubicle alone would be torture. Thus, my primary study area is in the library at a desk near the main entrance. It stays quiet enough to allow me to focus and get through class assignments, but it’s also situated where I see a lot of my classmates and upperclassmen and have multiple, mini conversations throughout the day. Of course, when I had midterms ahead of me, I grabbed a study room where it’s complete quiet so I could focus, but I usually can tune out background noise just fine and still maintain my concentration and focus. 

So, with midterms out of the way, it’s time to start preparing for final exams, just over two months away, I believe. There’s definitely some things I want to change up regarding the way I study and learn,  so I was very thankful for the midterms as the preparation alone showed me where I need to improve, ways to streamline things, etc. 

My parents bought me a crock pot, so I’m definitely going to have to try something … it’s probably not going to be anything amazing (at least initially), but perhaps some chili or a small roast of some sort. We’ll see. I go grocery shopping Sunday nights so my food stays as fresh as possible to last for the entire week. Dinners have consisted of pot pies and rice, I skip breakfast and have a cup of coffee, and lunches were salads the entire week. I bought of box of spring greens, some frozen diced chicken, and some cheese. Pretty tasty. It’s filling if you take like 1/3 of the box … otherwise, not so much. But, honestly, if I feel full, I know I’m going to fall asleep or feel groggy, so during my prime study hours, I would rather be more on the hungry side than falling asleep on my books. For instance, during the midterms, the law school provided a free box lunch for all of us. I didn’t eat breakfast, I was feeling pretty hungry by that point, but I knew going into the afternoon with three midterms ahead, I couldn’t eat. At least not then. So, I saved my box for later (ended up eating it yesterday for lunch), and powered through the last three exams running off of water. I think it worked. I never felt sleepy … I guess you just have to know what works best for you and stick with it. 

For dinner, I went out to Golden Corral and had 4 or 5 steaks, 5 small racks (maybe 2-3 each) of barbequed pork ribs, fried rice, bourbon chicken, pineapple dipped in chocolate, a couple of sliders, fries … yes, I was quite hungry.

So, this post includes a lot of pictures since it’s been awhile since I last posted …

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Don’t neglect the most important things in life. I know life can get busy, but that’s no excuse for being complacent and lazy in the areas that need you utmost attention. 

Alrighty, until next week …


2 thoughts on “Whoa, September Is Nearly Over …

  1. Lori

    Thanks for the great pictures, Jonathan! So glad that you got to see the Flames play – and one pic was from the first base line – our favorite spot at Safeco Field. It was also nice to see the pic of your fellow classmate / study partner for the day – knowing the social person that you are, I’m thankful that you’re able to have all of those little conversations in the library as you study each day. I’m thankful to God for providing for all your needs during your first few months at law school.

    Congratulations on completing your first two months of law school and for doing so well on your mid-terms! Remember that you have a cheering squad of ten here at home. We all love you!

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