Fall Break Is Over …


Well, this week was abbreviated as after class ended on Wednesday, we had the rest of the week “off” as far as classes go. Some of my classmates immediately left to drive places and such. Me? Washington State was a little too far so I used my fall break to visit a few coffee shops scattered across the area and put some additional work in on my courses. 

I attempted to get off to an early start Thursday. Wednesday night, I found online what seemed to be a great spot in downtown Lynchburg. Unfortunately, there was only 1-hour parking available and while there was a parking garage, I didn’t feel like forking over cash just to park somewhere. In addition, the whole area seemed somewhat shady. Maybe not, perhaps I’m just used to a different part of Lynchburg … 

While Thursday didn’t start off the greatest, I ended up finding this little coffee shop called the Bean Tree Cafe. They have a rewards system like Starbucks where you buy ten drinks and they give you one free. One neat twist is that they have a daily trivia question – if you answer correctly, you get an extra punch. So if you’re smart, you could buy five drinks, answer five questions correctly, and get a free drink. Speaking of free drinks, I just saw that Starbucks is offering two stars for every purchase if you’re a gold member until next month … the Starbucks here aren’t anything like the ones in Washington or even Texas. They’re always way too crowded and they … I don’t know, just aren’t as nice. I did locate a “better” location, but you do have drive a ways to get there. I’m a new fan of the Bean Tree and the Muse Coffee shop is also another a nice place to study, although many people seem to agree with me as seating is awfully tight. If you don’t get there at 8:30 AM Saturday mornings, you’ll probably have to settle for one of the tables outside, which isn’t too bad unless it’s windy and cold. 

Do you ever feel exhausted after working on something and realize you don’t have anything “tangible” to show for it? That’s kinda how I feel now that fall break is over. I know I put in the work, I’m just not sure what exactly I have to show for it. Still, I enjoyed the break … didn’t really do anything other than study. I probably should have – there’s always going to be more work that you could do, I guess.

Next week, I’m definitely am hoping to go for a hike – the leaves are at that point where they’re changing color and I bet it will be beautiful when it does. I’ve heard the east coast leaf colors are better than the west coast, so I guess we’ll see. I’ve been scanning the Craiglist ads looking for a cheap mountain bike, a cheap electric keyboard, and cheap weights. I can’t wait to get my guitar back at the end of the month!

Alright, well, I know this post was short and this week, there won’t be any pictures … I’ll try to take some this week. It’s hard to find something new to take pictures of … 

Have a blessed week, everyone! I’m hoping to get off to an early start tomorrow (4:30 AM) … I’ll let you know if that actually happens. 

Until next week …


4 thoughts on “Fall Break Is Over …

  1. Amy

    Thank you for the update, Jonathan! I’m glad that you are doing some exploring and finding some fun coffee shops. I really like the trivia game… Starbucks should do that too. I already have gold status for next year locked in o.O. I think I have earned 50 or something stars so far this year (uh oh). Yeah, I know what you mean about not having tangible results. That’s something that I run into too with online/computer/digital work. I really find it refreshing to even do the laundry or dehydrate some herbs or SOMETHING that produces a tangible result. I hope that you get to go on a hike too! Looking forward to the pictures…

  2. Lori

    Thanks for the update, Jonathan. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we enjoy seeing anything that you see – what’s mundane to you is a treasure to us!

    Yes, the trees here are beginning change…to a dirty brown, with a few faded yellows thrown in. WA is known as the everGREEN state, not for it’s fall colors. I’m sure that the hills and woods will be ablaze with color over there; I do hope that you’ll be able to get out and enjoy this weekend.

    You are doing such a terrific job of keeping your nose to the grindstone – so faithful and diligent.

    We all love you and are so proud of you, Jonathan.


  3. Hi Jonathan! Nice post. Don’t worry about not having pictures, it’s fine. We got to send you some pictures soon too! Looking forward to having you home soon! Keep studying hard. Do your work heartily for the Lord. We’re proud of you (the good type). We’re still getting better from this horrendous cold. 😦 Hopefully we all can go to church on Sunday! Anyways, have a great day! Love, the two twins, Bess and Kat

  4. I thought I would surprise you with this short note. I enjoy learning about your life and to know what you’re doing out there. It’s a shame you couldn’t be with your family during the fall break but then too, it’s good to have some free time by yourself to discover new areas there. Who knows if you’ll ever come back after you’re finished with your school. Yesterday Auntie Mary and I went to Milwaukee and had a delicious lunch at a German restaurant with plenty of leftovers. Yes, the colors of fall were beautiful there too. Take care Jonathan. Love from Auntie Jane

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