Last Week of Classes – Here We Go!


Tomorrow begins my last week of classes! Once over, I have roughly one-and-a-half weeks of Thanksgiving break to study for my five final exams stretched out over a nine-day period. I’m definitely going to need all of that time as there’s always more you can do. Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve revised, revised, and revised my outlines (essentially the course condensed into the “bare essentials”). Each of the outlines are roughly 20-25 pages right now but need to be further condensed into probably about 10 pages by exam week. 

As you might expect, it’s quite impossible to expect anyone to be able to memorize over 100 pages of content. For me, memorization will pose the biggest problem. All of the revising and reviewing helps to memorize without even thinking, but I definitely need to start ramping up as far as memorization goes. 

Temperatures have dropped dramatically this past week – I’ve had to scrape frost off my car nearly every day this week. The first time it frosted, I couldn’t find my ice scraper so I was using my fingernails and a rag … it didn’t work too well. Thankfully, Mr. Lovell (our “land-dad”) came out and gave me one of theirs. Since we’re inside all day, I don’t mind the cold temperatures. 

So, I have definitely become a big advocate of the “early to bed, early to rise” schedule. Getting three, solid hours of studying before my first class has allowed me to play to my strengths (I’m a morning person) and generally, get more accomplished in the day. Sure, I go to bed at 9:30 usually, but having clear roads in both the morning and evening and getting the best parking spot are always positives. 

I know I’m jumping around a lot in this post, but I’m quite happy that my sister Amy is the proud owner of a Macbook Air! We FaceTimed for a bit yesterday, which was a first for the Tanaka family.

You know, (yep, jumping around yet again), it’s so critical that you be intentional about spending time with family. You’re always going to have your family – you can’t ever run away from them! Chances are, they’ve done much for you that you can’t help but reciprocate the favor.

Yesterday was a full study day. I arrived at Starbucks at 6:40 am, stayed there until a little past noon and spent the rest of the day at the school. Jon (a fellow classmate) and I worked on diagramming some of the concepts from contracts and managed to make it down to the final Liberty football tailgate party. I guess we were one of the first ones to arrive because we each got a free bubblehead of their mascot. You can’t beat free burgers, chips, and soda! We managed to get some good work done and then went out to dinner with Tate to Ruby Tuesday. I’ve never been there. It was kinda pricey, so Jon and I split a pasta dish and I got an unlimited salad bar for $3. I got my money’s worth, that’s for sure! Our original plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, but Saturday nights there are ridiculously busy. The wait time alone last night was 45 minutes … anyway, it was a full but good day yesterday.

Church today was good – we covered most of the only chapter in Jude, discussing apostasy/”imposters” within the church. Like it or not, there’s people who are there to lead people away from the faith, to introduce unbiblical doctrine, and to stir up dissent. May we be people who strive for unity with others and defend the sufficiency and infallibility of Scripture. I invited Jon to come today, which he did. He seemed to enjoy it …  

To the pictures!


2 thoughts on “Last Week of Classes – Here We Go!

  1. Kristi Tanaka

    How are you thinking of memorizing all of that information? It would probably take a long time to make it but Quizlet helps me memorize information and to drill it. That’s hard to have the finals after your Thanksgiving break. You know what’s interesting? We talked about the same thing this Sunday about false teachers and how it is our responsibility to check the scriptures to see if it is true like the Berean Christians in Acts. God’s Word is like you said always true and it never changes and we should test everything with God’s Word to see if it is biblical. I pray your studies go well and that you will rely on God’s strength to help you. Stay warm! 🙂 -Kat

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