Sign the guestbook to let me know you were here! I’d definitely appreciate it! 😉


43 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Hajime


    Great reading recent news of the family! It’s great that you’re able to keep it up in the midst of your many responsibilities. Always like to read more of things from your perspective.

  2. Octavio Rosales

    Hello Johnathan! I am absolutely impressed with your enourmous capacity in creating things, specially beautiful and useful things, you are (together with your beloved falmily) one of the top most admired persons in my life, and I am completely proud and happy to be part of this wonderful family. Your site is really easy to follow neat and useful, all in a very thoughtful order. You really like people and make the things easier for others. You have a potential out of my imagination, and we all love you. There is no doubt in mi mind that people like you is what make this world better.

    Paul,Joyce,Octavio,Charly and Silvio (Our Cats)

  3. Bethany Tanaka

    Hello Jonathan! Great stories, pictures, and layout!
    Keep up the good work!
    The website is great because it is letting you get a glimpse of each person and what life is like in the Tanaka home. Have a great day!

  4. mattgenton

    hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again all the best for new year to you all
    – matty

  5. Sarah Rojas

    I enjoyed reading about your family and about your trip…what you have posted so far. 🙂 Unless I missed something and you have completed your journaling for your whole trip. Sarah Rojas

    • Thanks, bro!

      I’ve been sick and a bit busy lately, so my posts regarding my trip to Cambodia have been put on hold for a bit. I hope to continue them after I get back from touring Regent University’s law school over the weekend, just in case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in awhile.

  6. Stefanie

    I enjoy reading your posts. Need to go make lunch now which consists of fried rice which Mommy made when Uncle Eddie was here and soup with Grandma Mary made for us. Luv U! – Stefanie

    • Sounds delicious – we’re heading over to the Merrill’s home for dinner – I think BBQ is on the menu. Every Thursday, they basically have an open house where people from the church can come and fellowship. It’s pretty neat.

  7. Mary Abo

    Hi Jon: Looks like you’re having a fabulous time there! I saw your family at the Y, all taking swimming lessons. Amy was trying to rope me into taking lessons but I’m much more scared than she is. At least she can swim laps! 7 at that! Auntie Mary

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