The Tanaka Family – 2011


This was taken in San Francisco, California, this past summer – we visited my Mom’s cousin’s family, who gave us a short tour of the city – it was a blast! Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing, but it sure does get windy …

Mmkay, here are individual pictures of each person in the Tanaka Family, complete with their age – I must confess that I had to ask a few people how old they are – it’s hard to keep track of these things with so many people.


Dad – 52

This was taken somewhere in Seattle when he and Amy went out to see a symphony perform at Benaroya Hall last year.

Mama – 48

Last year, our whole fam spent a day in Seattle for my birthday … this picture was taken in Pike Place Market

Amy – 20

We took this shot as one that would serve as the front cover for her senior recital.

Jonathan – 18

This picture was taken while we were walking across the Golden Gate Bridge – everyone was so cold and worried about falling off, that we decided to turn around halfway across.

Stefanie – 17

Last winter, before church, we kinda just hung out in Tacoma … this is near the entrance to the History Museum.

Bethany – 14

She’ll turn 15 in a matter of days – this picture was taken out on our deck.

Kristi – 13

She’s the middle child in a group of nine. This shot was taken at Cape Disappointment this past summer – it’s one of our favorite campsites for sure.

Aaron – 10

He was my first brother after I was sandwiched around four sisters … fun guy. This was taken at Sunrise – you can get amazing views of Mount Rainier from here.

Noelle – 9

She’s always smiling and easy-going. This was also taken on our deck … it must’ve been early this year, I think.

Lily – 7

Lily just lost a ton of her front teeth – cute. 🙂 I remember when I lost my two front teeth, just in time for Christmas.

Jairus – 5

He’s in the phase where he doesn’t smile a whole lot – he typically frowns or makes a goofy face if you’re trying to get a picture of him, so this is definitely one of his better shots. I took this in Port Angeles – we were out at a campground somewhere …



8 thoughts on “The Tanaka Family – 2011

  1. Mariah

    These are great pictures of you all! I have enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to hearing about all your adventures in the “great unknown” 🙂

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