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Setting Up the Tent


Hello folks,

We are just about ready to head out to the Brown’s property to set up the big, circus tent in preparation for the 12th Memorial Day event held on their farm. Over the past, few years, it’s grown considerably. Last year, it attracted around 2,000 individuals and promises to meet or perhaps exceed that count.

This year, I’m assisting in heading up the welcoming crew as well as printing the programs and tracts that we’ll be handing out when vehicles arrive. I enjoy being part of a group effort. The Burke family is largely putting this whole event on and are working behind-the-scenes to plan and coordinate all of the details. There have been quite a few discussions and brainstorming sessions already, and the intensity of our preparations only will get busier as we’re a week away.

We haven’t heard any progress in terms of whether or not the police have figured out who stole my laptop, and I doubt I’ll ever recover it. Wait, I don’t think I ever posted about “the great computer robbery,” did I? Well, to put it shortly, it was during a Craigslist exchange, and the guy ran away with the $800 Macbook Air I was attempting to sell. We met at a deli, but he ran across the short parking lot and disappeared into the forest on the other side. Ah, that’s it. I wrote an extensive email to my family, but never posted it on there.

Well, looks like we’re about to head out. It’s raining off and on, so I’ll be sure to grab a jacket on my way out. Pizza is provided, so that definitely is a plus.