Tidbits from Saturday


Just a few things …

Quote: Mom: “Hey Jairus, are you alright?” Jairus: (6-year-old bro) “Yeah, I just have sweaty eyes”

Fun Fact: Today, Ellie and I cooked three chickens. It’s going to make three meals if we ration everything out. No, these weren’t live chickens, they were ones from the store … I never had figured out how to clean, seasons, and cook them, so now I know. Everyone said dinner was wonderful, which is mainly due to my spice chef, Ellie. Gut chef (me) safely managed to dispose of the heart and liver, stored inside of the chicken.

Short Journal: This morning, Dad and I attended the Men’s Breakfast and later visited two of his patients in the nursing home. I think we’re going to go again tomorrow as a family and play some music for them.