March is Nearly Over …


This year is just rolling right along, isn’t it? I can’t believe March will be over in a few days …

This week was pretty uneventful – I met with my faculty advisor and registered for classes that I’ll be taking next semester … which will be my first semester as a 2L! The end of our first year of law school is in sight.

Obviously, with the end getting closer each day, the amount of things that need to be done seem to be increasing. Last semester, we had a nice chunk of time, about 10 days completely free to devote to studying … this semester, we have 2 days, so that’ll force all of us to be much more diligent in readying our outlines as we wrap up this semester and begin memorizing information now.

I feel like this past week didn’t so go so great as far as productivity goes … sometimes you just can’t concentrate and focus, no matter how hard you try. I think this week was one of those.

I had an interesting experience donating some blood last week … they had problems getting the the needle in a vein, causing blood to get over my shirt … the nurse who was trying to get it in had to call someone else over in an effort to start the blood flowing. Even once they got the needle properly in, the blood wasn’t flowing very well … I think it took me around three hours from start to finish (waiting in line, filling out paperwork, getting the blood drawn, them monitoring me afterwards). Supposedly, I looked green and was close to passing out. I hadn’t eaten since the day before, so they were thinking it was a combination of low blood sugar and just nervousness – I agree. I don’t really like seeing blood to begin with and all of the initial problems getting the blood moving didn’t sit so well with me. Fortunately, I didn’t pass out, and all was well … I even got some free pizza and orange juice afterwards!

I probably wouldn’t have gone to give blood, but my younger sister Lily lost a lot of blood when she was younger and fortunately, others had given blood so she was back up and running in no time. They said they three lives can be saved by just one person donating … obviously, some individuals require much more blood, but it’s pretty neat if you think about how lives can be saved or benefitted by small sacrifices made by others. It’s all a team effort.

Oh, and then Friday night, all of the law students and faculty headed over to the football stadium on campus in a conference area on the third floor overlooking the field for a banquet. They brought in a live jazz band (no dancing, though) and had a photo booth, catered food, candy bar, etc. Other than having to get all dressed up, it was a really enjoyable evening. I sat at a table with Professor Martins, who teaches our Foundations class and a few of my classmates. Every year, they put on this banquet, and it’s basically a chance to recognize the 3Ls, as they prepare to head out to the “real world” and thank faculty who have played an instrumental role that year. So many people did so much work to put the whole event on …

So … I guess this week wasn’t as uneventful as I initially thought. We had a bit of a cold and rainy spell, but the sun is out and shining today, and forecasts call for temps to be climbing back into the 70’s … that sounds great to me!

Yes, I know I haven’t been posting many pictures lately – the problem is, I haven’t really been out and about too much and when I do, there’s not much to take pictures of … other than my weekly Walmart shopping expedition and my weekly drive to church, I am either at school or sleeping at the house I’m staying at. Pretty simply schedule!

Reading through Matthew this week … over 75% of the way done with my “Read Through the Bible in 90 Days” plan – yes, I did miss a few days, but I’m still on track to finish sometime mid-April, I believe. It’s been really good. I think I’ll definitely start the plan again and probably add in an additional book as well.

Have a blessed week, everyone!

A Post From Last Week …


Hello family and friends … sorry, I typed this up in a Word document and forgot to post it! This was written last weekend:

*          *          *          *

Wow, February sure went by quickly, didn’t it?

Since I last posted, my buddy Colton and his wife Bethany had their first child, Payton William … it seemed like it was just yesterday that we were interns together in North Carolina back in 2012. So much can change in just a few short years!

We also got a ton of snow … there’s still a good amount outside still, as the temperatures have remained below freezing for the most part. One of my classmates slipped and fell on his way to class and ended up breaking two of the vertebrae in his back … fortunately, he’s fine and not in too much pain, but he’ll have to wear a back brace for a few weeks or months.

This past week, I also participated in an in-house negotiations tournament – it involved mainly 1L (what they called first-year students), but there was one 2L (second-year student) team who won the entire tournament. There were 16 teams that competed in the tournament with two preliminary rounds Wednesday and Friday and a final round on Saturday.  Continue reading

Fall Break Is Over …


Well, this week was abbreviated as after class ended on Wednesday, we had the rest of the week “off” as far as classes go. Some of my classmates immediately left to drive places and such. Me? Washington State was a little too far so I used my fall break to visit a few coffee shops scattered across the area and put some additional work in on my courses. 

I attempted to get off to an early start Thursday. Wednesday night, I found online what seemed to be a great spot in downtown Lynchburg. Unfortunately, there was only 1-hour parking available and while there was a parking garage, I didn’t feel like forking over cash just to park somewhere. In addition, the whole area seemed somewhat shady. Maybe not, perhaps I’m just used to a different part of Lynchburg … 

While Thursday didn’t start off the greatest, I ended up finding this little coffee shop called the Bean Tree Cafe. They have a rewards system like Starbucks where you buy ten drinks and they give you one free. One neat twist is that they have a daily trivia question – if you answer correctly, you get an extra punch. So if you’re smart, you could buy five drinks, answer five questions correctly, and get a free drink. Speaking of free drinks, I just saw that Starbucks is offering two stars for every Continue reading